Monday, December 20, 2010

Letters Of Insurgents by Freddy Perlman

For sale at SubRosa and in the Anarchist Library.

One-time lovers who share anarchist ideals find themselves on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain having lived through a composite of many of the 20th century's major revolutions and uprisings. 

Other reviewers here may do this book more justice. But yes, the reviews are effusively glowing and for good reason. A complicated story with even more complicated ideas beneath it. Again and again, the characters reject dogma in their search for truth and question the very nature of their beliefs, loves, and ideals.

This book has come to me thread-bare and tattered, passed from hand to hand, touching the lives of those in my community fighting to liberate themselves and others.

The entire thing, God knows how many hours, is recorded on tape at In fact, a class was offered last winter through Free Skool Santa Cruz in which participants listened to the entire recording over a series of weekly classes, drinking tea, and sharing reflections and discussion afterward.

My only note is that Freddy Perlman could use a good firm editor for this huge (sometimes rambling) volume. (Review by Wes)

Paperback: 800 pages
Publisher: Black & Red

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